This unique beaded Wedding Neckpiece is shining with it's radiation and is most fit to rest on the Bride's neck. It's colors are warm pearl and gold. 
It has a center front pearl egg shape stone around which are gold circle of beads around which is another bigger circle of pearls.(semi precious).
On both sides there are drop shaped beads with pearl colors.Amongst all these there are many tiny gold beads and Swarovski AB Crystals that adds a shining and glamourous effect to the necklace.
The technique used here is bead embroidery on Lacy's stiff stuff which is backed in white Ultrasuede.
It's circumference is 40.5 cm. (15.8 inches)
Also possible to purchase the Beaded artwork cuff (seen in the picture)  that is made from the same materials and earrings that go together with it.

Wedding Necklace